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Academic Overview

The primary mission of DeLand Prep is to prepare students for success beyond high school by exposing them to curricula, extra-curricular activities and social-cultural experiences that support their development as productive citizens and lifelong learners. DeLand Preparatory Academy implements the Florida Standards and our schools are committed to providing teachers with the professional learning needed for successful ongoing implementation. The curriculum is reinforced through the use of experiential learning and college and career readiness opportunities centered around community and service learning. Deland Prep also understands the importance of technology. All teachers at DPA integrate technology throughout their curriculum.

Academic Curriculum

During every child's middle & high school years, it is imperative that they be challenged academically so they can be prepared for their college years. Our teachers are dedicated to giving every child the opportunity to be the best that they can be academically, socially and emotionally.

The Sunshine State Standards (now called Next Generation Sunshine State Standards or NGSSS) are broad statements that describe the knowledge or ability that a student should be able to demonstrate by the end of every grade level from first through twelfth grade. These standards cover eight content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, World Languages, Fine Arts, and Health Education. The standards are subdivided into “benchmarks,” which outline the specific content, knowledge, and skills that students are expected to learn in school. 

CPALMS is Florida’s collaborative platform that connects education stakeholders, researchers, subject matter experts, practicing professionals, ​and professional organizations to Collaborate, Plan, Align, Learn, Motivate, and Share (CPALMS) instructional/educational resources and interactive tools that support standards-driven instruction. CPALMS is Florida’s official source for the standards, course information, assessment information, and serves as the dissemination platform for professional development and digital resources. Some of the existing and planned standards-based tools within CPALMS include: an interactive lesson planning tool, a peer and subject matter expert review process and system, a dynamic and interactive curriculum planning system, an interactive learning progression mapping tool, a formative assessment task builder tool, digital resource recommendation and authoring tools, a differentiated instruction tool, a professional development system, a lesson study support system, and many others.



    • Elective - 1 credit

    • English I - 1 credit

    • Biology - 1 credit

    • Geometry - 1 credit

    • Spanish - 1 credit

    • World History - 1 credit•

    • Health/Physical Education - 1 credit

    • Elective - 1 credit


    • Elective - 1 credit

    • American Literature - 1 credit

    • Chemistry - 1 credit

    • Algebra 2 and Trigonometry - 1 credit

    • Spanish - 1 credit

    • U.S. History - 1 credit

    • Elective* - 1 credit

    • Research - 1 credit


    • Elective - 1 credit

    • British Literature - 1 credit

    • Pre-Calculus - 1 credit

    • Physics or Anatomy & Physiology – 1 credit

    • U.S. Government or AP U.S. Government - 1 credit

    • Western Civilization and Art History - 1 credit

    • Elective - 1 credit

    • Research - 1 credit


    • Elective - 1 credit

    • World Literature- 1 credit

    • Mathematics - 1 credit

    • Latin American/ African American History - 1 credit

    • Philosophy - ½ credit

    • Economics - ½ credit

    • Electives - 2 credits

    • Research - 1 credit

We believe all students can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Dual Enrollment Programs

Dual enrollment is a program that allows high school students to simultaneously earn credit toward a high school diploma and college credit or vocational credit toward a post-secondary diploma, certificate or degree at a Florida public institution while still enrolled in high school. DeLand Prep partners with 3 local dual enrollment college programs:




Our Mission

Florida Virtual School

FLVS students learn by choosing a path that works best for them. Our teachers and coursework are just as real as the grades and tailored learning they provide, with regular online lessons and teacher calls providing time to check in and ask questions. Whether students follow a traditional school year schedule or a more flexible pace, guidance is always available.

We Empower Students to Learn

In addition to the core programs, students with special learning and language needs are provided with supplemental programs, software and services to assist them to develop their full potential. They include intervention, remedial, and enrichment programs.


Laptop Learning Program

DeLand Prep is proud to continue the inclusion of technology and inquiry learning activities within our academic programming. Since 2018, all students are required to have access to an approved laptop for work at home and school. Keeping our students connected to and comfortable in navigating digital learning environments is key in our commitment to intentionally develop 21st Century Learning Skills necessary for success and achievement in high school that our alumni are known for.

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