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The primary mission of DeLand Prep is to prepare students for success beyond high school by exposing them to curricula, extra-curricular activities and social-cultural experiences that support their development as productive citizens and lifelong learners. DeLand Preparatory Academy implements the Florida Standards and our schools are committed to providing teachers with the professional learning needed for successful ongoing implementation. The curriculum is reinforced through the use of experiential learning and college and career readiness opportunities centered around community and service learning. Deland Prep also understands the importance of technology. All teachers at DPA integrate technology throughout their curriculum.

Description of Grading Scale


A = 90 – 100 ” outstanding progress”
B = 80 – 89  ” above average progress”
C = 70 – 79  ” average progress”
D = 60 – 69  ” lowest acceptable progress”
F = 59 and below “FAILURE”

Information is provided to parents in the form of progress report/report card at the end of each reporting period. This report is designed to help parents understand how their child is progressing

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