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Bell Schedule

4x4 Bell Schedule

An Expectation of Excellence


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday


Period 1       8:00-:9:30 

Period 2       9:30-11:00 

Lunch           11:00-11:30

Period 3       11:30-1:00

Period 4       1:00-2:30

Friday (Early Release)


Period 1       8:00-:9:15 

Period 2       9:15-10:30 

Lunch           10:30-11:00

Period 3       11:00-12:15

Period 4       12:15-1:30



Advantages of the 4x4 Bell Shedule


  • A teacher will see less students during the day, thereby giving them the ability to spend more time with each individual.

  • Because of the increased span of teaching time, longer cooperative learning activities can be completed in one class periods. Also, there is more time for labs in science classes.

  • Students have less information to deal with over the course of a school day.

  • Because of the decreased number of classes, students have less homework on any given day during the week.

  • The teacher is able to provide more varied instruction during class. Thus, it is easier to deal with students with disabilities and differing learning styles.

  • Planning periods are longer. It seems that with a longer span of time, planning becomes easier and more gets done.

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