Caring for students as they seamlessly transition into secondary school


Middle School is not about obtaining the best marks, but about getting students to be the best they can be. We seek to develop students as individuals who achieve their full potential. The progression from Elementary to Middle School curriculum is smooth. Deland Preparatory academy develops learners’ skills and understanding in Mathematics, English and Science for the first three years of secondary education. Externally created and assessed, DPA Checkpoint exams in Math, English, and Science are requisites of the Middle School program. These standardized tests are held in the spring of Grade 8. Students from Grades 6-8 sit the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) tests 3x per year, once in the fall, winter, and again in the spring, to determine their yearly growth. 


Subjet teacher specialists create a learning environment conducive of a transformative learning process, in which students develop Conceptual understanding, Competencies and Character (the 3C’s). Students, guided by teachers, set their own goals and are encouraged to show their learning in many different ways – not just with tests and quizzes, but through presentations, peer assessment and demonstrations to name but a few. Twice a year, student-led conferences are opportunities for middle schoolers to show their learning and levels of achievement of their goals. Hence at DPA, students ‘own’ their learning progress and are more ‘invested’ as a result.



Contextual Learning (CL) is at the core of the MS learning experience, with students taking one month out of the year to learn away from the classroom. Each grade has a theme that they follow as part of all their CL activities. The CL activities connect local organizations and students to develop common projects to impact the world positively.  



  • 4 teaching daily blocks (blocks of 90 min)

  • One advisory period every day dedicated to clubs, house team events, assemblies & mental health care.

  • Daily study hall provides academic support for students who wish to work with teachers one-on-one.

  • All students study English, Math, Science, PE, Social Studies, a world language & a choice of 2 semester options.

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