Our elementary school program provides students the opportunity to gain strong academic skills in a safe and nurturing environment. We individualize to our students in the areas of reading and math, which allow them all to grow and reach for the full potential without facing boundaries. In the areas of science and social studies, we utilize a rigorous curriculum and give students the experience of working collaboratively with project-based learning. In addition to their core academic subjects, our curriculum includes offerings in art, Spanish, PE and music.



We designed our classes to be small in order for teachers to know their students so that they can differentiate instruction to their specific needs. It also allows us to create safe classroom environments where students can grow academically and socially. Our specific grade level ratios are determined by academic development. Our elementary students take a minimum of two field trips each school year. The field trips are thematically related to our units of study, providing students the opportunity to experience “real world” learning.


We work with our elementary school students to help them learn the skills of organization and time management. Our teachers also work with them to form the community mindset so that they each take ownership of our school environment and practice treating one another with kindness.

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